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Music Lessons

Students have the opportunity to take their lessons from the comfort of their own home or in my studio. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge of music and art with my students. In the process of learning, I hope to instill in each student a lifelong love for great music, teach valuable life skills of dedication, discipline, and determination, and build confidence and the self-esteem of each individual as she or he learns and excels in learning great music.I am patient and believe in making the music learning experience enjoyable and yet enriching at the same time.
I believe in maintaining a positive learning atmosphere where every student feels special, cared for and successful.

Guitar Lessons

Careful attention is placed on each guitar student to ensure a custom lesson plan. I understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the guitar lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind. All aspects of music will be taught, including reading, rhythm, sound development and guitar repertoire so that the student becomes a complete musician. Wherever the student's musical interests lie, I can help the student realize his or her greatest musical ambitions!

Piano Lessons

My purpose as a piano teacher is quite simple: to give every student the necessary skills to play the piano with the highest level of artistic accomplishment of which they are capable.
Students learn theory and art of music, composition, improvisation, technique, playing by ear, harmony, arrangement, and more. Depending on their needs and interests, they study piano repertoire of their favorite genres: classical, pop, rock, blues, and/or jazz.

Piano instructions are based on the most effective piano methods in the US music teaching market today.

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